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SXSW Music 2014

Building Your Digital Brand Using Social Media

The digital world for musicians continues to change dramatically. We not only have the ability to self-market and create communities directly with listeners, but also can thrive in online communities with influencers and other musicians around the world. Digital has transformed not just the way we get the word out, but also how we create and collaborate. Internet marketing has morphed into Internet community crowdsourcing of rich relationships—a very different world for musicians and musical organizations.
How can you – a busy musician and/or support team – use the resources of social media to use your time, energy, and money well to create your long-term audience and profitable Super Fans?

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  1. How can you research to find out who your current and potential Super Fans are and where they hang out digitally? o Who are you really trying to reach to thrive as a musician? o What have other musicians and musical organizations done that you’d like to learn from in your own work…or how can you bring fresh skills to work with others to help them grow online?
  2. How do you build communities of fans that will love what you do?
  3. How can we use inexpensive tools to research and reach our potential Super Fans?
  4. How do we "pave the cowpaths," making some of these findings into pathways that will refill with the right fan base?
  5. How do we use our time well in creating and building our Brands?



Gigi Johnson, Executive Director, Maremel Institute

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