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The Smartest Dumbass: Interactive vs. Film

A live game show that promotes the exchange of basic knowledge between Film and Interactive attendees.

A team of three Film Experts competes against a team of three Interactive Experts.

Each team picks whom they perceive to be the Smartest Dumbass on the opposing team. The Dumbasses are exchanged. Each team now has two Experts and one Dumbass.

The Experts have five minutes to go over a pre-determined list of 20 terms specific to their field with their Dumbasses, e.g. Interactive team explains that UX means user experience; Film team explains that MOS means without sound.

Questions that correspond to the terms are written on slips of paper and thrown into a hat. The Experts alternate picking questions at random, quizzing the Dumbass, e.g. What term is user experience? UX!

Experts earn a point when their Dumbass answers a question correctly. The team with the most points wins.

The contestants learn a bit about each other's disciplines, have some fun, and win prizes!




Myles Bender, Senior Vice President of Creative Advertising and Marketing, Focus Features

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