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Startup Branding Lessons from the Trenches

Startup Branding Lessons from the Trenches features Adam Lieb, CEO of Duxter, the social network for Gamers and Deb Gabor, Brand Dominatrix and President at Sol Marketing sharing about startup branding first-hand. Using Duxter's successful launch and rise as a leading site for hardcore Gamers as a case study, Adam and Deb will share how audience research, strategic branding practices and a kick-ass investor pitch helped propel Duxter to become one of the Internet's favorite online communities for gamers.

While Adam will make the case for branding your early-stage company using lessons learned from his experience conceiving, pitching, funding, building and launching his company, Deb will present an easy-to-use branding methodology that you can apply to your own startup. We will discuss options for conducting audience research on the cheap and funding your early-stage branding activities. Finally, attendees will learn how branding can give your startup a strategic advantage.

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Deb Gabor, President, Sol Marketing

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