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SXSW Interactive 2013

Damn the Man! Disrupting Regulated Industries

As if building a successful company from scratch wasn't hard enough, tech startups in certain industries are facing an additional hurdle: government regulation. From product design to launch strategy, pricing to fundraising, regulations pose challenges in every aspect of the startup lifecycle. We’ll explore success stories from entrepreneurs in some of the most regulated industries (ie. Health, Finance, Energy, and Transportation) to understand better how to navigate this tricky landscape and position your startup or your portfolio companies for success.

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  1. What are the major regulations facing your industry?
  2. How does regulation impact your communication strategy to customers, clients, or investors?
  3. How do you budget for unforeseen regulation or compliance issues when planning fiscal budgets or fundraising?
  4. What is your advice to entrepreneurs or investors building startups in regulated industries?
  5. What is the next big industry that may fall under heavy regulation that entrepreneurs and investors should be aware of?



Dana Rosenberg, Business Development, Rock Health

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