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SXSW Music 2014

Come on, Get Appy

Music has always been social, from creating mixtapes for loved ones to going to concerts with friends. In the past few years, the social aspect of music has been digitalized, and people can easily share songs with their friends via social media like Facebook or create group playlists with apps like Spotify. In this panel, Ime Archibong from Facebook, Charlie Hellman from Spotify and Casey Newton from The Verge will examine the changes in how people share, discover and consume music thanks to popular music apps, and will take a look at how key app developers are leveraging social networks like Facebook to drive this music revolution. The presentation will discuss the social music ecosystem as it currently stands and will make predictions on what the future holds, including the things we’ll see from developers, artists, companies, and more.

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  1. What are the critical components for a social music app to be successful?
  2. What is the potential for social music apps to disrupt the music industry and change the way it operates?
  3. How is the music industry adapting to this new social model?
  4. What’s next for music apps and the social music ecosystem?
  5. Is the social music revolution a good thing, or has it made consumption too overwhelming?


  • Ime Archibong, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Facebook
  • Tom Hsieh, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Spotify
  • Casey Newton, Senior Reporter, The Verge


Jillian Stefanki, Associate Manager, Communications, Facebook

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