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SXSW Interactive 2014

How Smart Apps Will Revolutionize Computing

The history of computing boils down to this: someone enters data; a computer spews out data. We enter data by keyboard, or mouse, or touch screen, or even facial gestures, and a computer responds. But the world is about to see a computing revolution: a world in which "smart apps" pull in data from the world around us without humans doing anything proactively at all. Late for your flight? No worries, your software agent will automatically re-book you. Soil too dry? Your sprinklers will turn themselves on. Driving too close to the car in front of you? No problem, your car will avoid a collision. These applications are in early stages, but rest assured, the long-term implications of this emerging class of computing will be profound. Quentin Hardy of the NYT leads a discussion on Smart Apps with KPCB General Partner Mike Abbott, Nest Founder and CTO Matt Rogers, and Jawbone VP of Data Monica Rogati.

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  1. What are smart apps?
  2. How prevalent are smart apps today? What are a few current examples?
  3. What problems are now solvable through the use of smart apps?
  4. What changes in design and development are required to create successful smart apps?
  5. What are the potential pitfalls of smart apps from a privacy / tracking perspective?



JP Mulligan-Hawkins, Executive, Brunswick Group

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