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How Creative Commons Is Changing Artists' Careers

When creators share their art under a Creative Commons license, they invite others to build upon and transform their work without asking for permission. Everyone has heard the stories of big names like Amanda Palmer and Cory Doctorow licensing their work under CC, but what about artists who don’t already have a massive following? Does open licensing open doors for developing creators, or does it close off potential revenue streams?

In this session, we’ll explore the ways in which artists have been using CC licensing to rethink how they work, share, collaborate, and make money. The session will feature profiles and recorded interview segments with artists who’ve built their careers on open licensing, and a discussion about the role that Creative Commons has played in the changing attitudes among creators on copyright and ownership issues.

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  1. How can an artist encourage others to share remix her work? How can she use that sharing and remixing to her advantage?
  2. How have digital libraries helped the discovery of CC licensed content and led to unique collaborations?
  3. What factors should artists think about before choosing to share their work under Creative Commons?
  4. Does the abundance of free content online make it harder for professional artists to sell their work?
  5. Has Creative Commons changed how artists think about copyright and intellectual property?



Elliot Harmon, Communications manager, Creative Commons

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