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Genre-Bending: Rise of Digital Eclecticism

The explosion in popularity of streaming music services has started to change the way we listen. But even beyond those always-on devices with unlimited access to millions of songs that we listen to on our morning commutes, while wending our way through paperwork at our desks or on our evening jogs, there is an even a more fundamental change going on. Unlimited access has unhinged musical taste to the point where eclecticism and tastemaking trump identifying with a scene.
Listeners are becoming more adventurous, experiencing many more types of music than ever before. And artists are right there with them, blending styles and genres in ways that would be unimaginable even a decade ago.

In his role as VP Product-Content Jon Maples has a front row seat to how music-listening behavior has evolved. He’ll share findings from a recent ethnographic study that reveals intimate details on how people live their musical lives.

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  1. Have always-connected devices combined with unlimited access changed how we listen?
  2. Has unlimited access changed the importance of music in our lives?
  3. Do we relate to music and artists who create it differently than before?
  4. Have these changes made artists rethink about the way they make music and relate to fans?
  5. Is genre even relevant to music taste anymore?



Jaimee Minney, Sr. Director Public Relations, Rhapsody International

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