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SXSW Interactive 2014

The Social Media Wish Factory

What will be the next big thing social media will help you with? This panel will bat around ideas for things that social platforms do not yet do, but could or should do. It will be an interactive panel with the moderator inviting each of the panelists to come up with a short wish list of ideas they would like to see executed and then the audience will be invited to weigh in on these ideas and to offer their own. This panel will be a free-for-all that allows those looking for inspiration to interact with those looking for solutions.

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  1. What are the five (or 10 or more) biggest problems not yet solved by social media?
  2. What functionality does not yet exist, but people wish existed, for some of the biggest social media platforms? (For example: Why can’t I sort my Linkedin Connections by different degrees of trust?)
  3. What regular issues that humans face could social media help with? (For example: Why can’t I hang onto some of the functionality of some now-deceased apps and incorporate them into a personalized version of Twitter or YouTube?)
  4. Have we run out of ideas for new social apps and tools? (Of course not, but a panel like this will demonstrate just how many problems still need to be solved)
  5. What one improvement would make each of the biggest social platforms 100 or 1,000 percent better?



Mike Johansson, Lecturer, Rochester Institute of Technology

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  • Tags: social media
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Design and Development
  • Level: Intermediate
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