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Breaking Big with Sync, 2nd Screen & Smart Devices

Since the advent of broadcast commercials, artists and labels have made money by letting their music be used on TV and film. But now, with the widespread use of smart devices, this has dramatically increased this opportunity and also the speed of music discovery and monitization.

Artists and songs are now being broken globally in record time due to the connection with the big screen to the second screen.

This session will examine how artists and labels can best maximise this new user behaviour of second screen usage on smart devices to get themselves and their artists discovered and paid.


  1. How can artists get their music used in advertising or television programs?
  2. Is it possible for artists to be used in ads or shows in other countries - if so, how?
  3. How can artists best make sure that their music is incorporated into popular discovery apps so that if they are used in an ad, they can be quickly and easily identified (and purchased)
  4. If an artist breaks via a show or ad, how can they best leverage this exposure to continue the momentum?
  5. Who are the key players that artists need to be aware of in this process?



Rica Squires, PR Manager, Shazam

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