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A Master Class About Brands With Personality

Relationship Status: Breaskfast...A simple text post that launched a movement consisting of Dennys selfies and fan fiction about love affairs with other popular chain restaraunts. As social media evolves, brands who behave as users build the most engaged audiences. Engaging with consumers means going beyond simple customer service and is an effective way to build a relationship based on trust and respect. It's becoming increasingly important for brands to develop a unique and personal point of view and in turn a distinct tone of voice. In todays digital world, a brand needs to act like a user, think like a user and be a user. Learn how Dennys, the 60 year old restarunt chain became Tumblrs most popular diner. This is social so show your consumers that they really can be your best friends, in turn they'll be your biggest advocates.

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Alexis Kaplan, Brand Strategist, Tumblr

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