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After Snowden: Privacy, Surveillance, and the NSA

Edward Snowden’s dramatic revelations of classified information this summer set off a massive public debate concerning the intersection of technological change, national security, and privacy. Alas, that debate is not always sufficiently well informed when it comes to its legal, policy, and technical aspects. This two and a half hour long workshop is meant not to evangelize in favor of any one particular solution, but rather to provide attendees with a sophisticated-but-accessible foundation for sharpening (or perhaps changing) their own views. It brings together dynamic, nationally known experts in technology, privacy policy, civil liberties, law, and U.S. government intelligence policy. The workshop will delve into the technical and policy aspects of national security surveillance, the evolution of the legal architecture governing the NSA, and the way that things may develop in the years ahead. We’ll also deploy classroom “voting” technology and other participatory measures to directly engage attendees.

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Robert Chesney, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Charles I. Francis Professor in Law, University of Texas School of Law

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