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SXSW Interactive 2014

Assertive Strategy: Content Amid Constraints

Does marketing mean someone skydiving from a logo-branded satellite—or regurgitating posts into top 10 lists? For most companies, real-world constraints mean marketing must live somewhere between the extremes—and that’s not a bad thing. Content marketing has matured to the point that we need sustainable processes for content that can thrive amid constraints: limits of budget, time, creativity, and talent. So how can you create content with less frequency but greater impact? Let’s look at several brands that have figured it out with surprisingly smart investments:
• In content management, including structure that allows for granular reuse
• In clearer content strategy, like message architectures and editorial calendars that minimize the need for frequent brainstorms
• In smarter governance, such as training and guidelines that allow people to easily contribute without editorial oversight
• In blue-ocean thinking, including content types and concepts foreign to their industry

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  1. If my company is serious about content marketing, do we need an enormous budget just to keep pace with our competitors?
  2. What’s the minimum every organization (private, public, non-profit, startup, etc.) should do to ensure their communication is always consistent, professional, and brand-appropriate?
  3. How many people (and how much money) does it really take for a brand to cut through the noise and rock Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, and the next new platform that’s driving me to stay late and work weekends?
  4. I want to work smarter, not just harder, so how should I change my workflow of commissioning, creating, and publishing content? And how can I change our CMS to support our new goals?
  5. As a startup, should we look to make a big splash with a compelling marketing event, or should we spread our resources out over time—or some combination that delivers the wow coupled with long-term engagement?



Margot Bloomstein, Principal & content strategist, Appropriate, Inc.

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