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SXSW Interactive 2013

Open Sourcing Accelerators for Social Impact

The number of startup accelerators has mushroomed over the past few years. While arguably part of a technology economic cycle, a June 2012 ReadWriteWeb headline pronounced "Startup Accelerator Fail", pointing to bleak statistics on outcomes for startups graduating from accelerator programs. Not enough exits, not enough funding...

But are these the right things to measure when defining success? Are there other, more sustainable metrics that accelerators can - and should - drive towards for their portfolio companies? What role does the accelerator actually play in the entrepreneurship value chain? And how much of this transcends economic cycles?

Pascal Finette & Diane Bisgeier, who head up Mozilla's WebFWD accelerator program, will discuss some compelling alternatives to the "spray and pray" approach of many accelerators, and outline different critieria entrepreneurs can use when considering an investment of their time, energy - and often equity - into an accelerator.

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  1. What is an "open source" accelerator and why is it beneficial?
  2. What is a "fair market value" that an accelerator program should command from entrepreneurs?
  3. What are the key things you should seek in an accelerator program given your individual goals and needs?
  4. What are the right metrics and outcomes that an accelerator program should be measured by?
  5. What conventional wisdom should you throw out the window when growing your startup?



Diane Bisgeier, Program Manager, Mozilla

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