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SXSWedu 2014

"Leaning In" to Build an Edtech Ecosystem

This all-women panel will share strategies for developing an edtech ecosystem including how to create edtech pipelines and connected communities, to include educators and schools, and to increase the capacity of the investment community. Panelists represent different stages and roles in a connected edtech ecosystem: early stage founders, funded edtech startup founders, accelerator founder, and investors/advisors. Mentors and examples of other edupreneurs are often key to educators realizing that they can become empowered to solve a problem in education. Seeing another teacher launch a service that makes a difference serves as both inspiration and lesson manual. Founding an edtech company is more possible with the support of like-minded people passionate about changing education. While each panelist is forging a new trail, she is simultaneously reaching back to show others the way, creating a network of support and resources, and encouraging other women edupreneurs to “lean in.”

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  1. What components does a healthy edtech system need to have? What makes the few educators make the more dramatic leap to solve the problems they see themselves?
  2. Given the word-of-mouth structure within schools, how do we help get new resources into classrooms? What are effective ways to connect educators to edtech?
  3. How can we increase the capacity of the investment community?



Katrina Stevens, Education Consultant and Blogger, Tuscany Group LLC, Edsurge

Meta Information:

  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel Discussion
  • Track: Entrepreneurialism in Education
  • Level: Intermediate
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