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Privacy Bootcamp for App Developers

The current patchwork of international, national, and state privacy laws is a mystery to developers, especially those at startups with just a few employees. Most simply do what they think makes sense and then bury their heads in the sand and hope that everything works out.

It’s not working out. According to recent accounts, 75 PERCENT of all mobile apps do not even publish privacy policies. While most developers want to do right by their customers, they rarely have the knowledge or resources to navigate privacy regulations and terms of service correctly.

This event will attempt to give app developers (and those the work with them) all the tools they need to draft a legitimate privacy policy and start implementing privacy by design within their development cycles. This event will also help developers identify potential pitfalls that they may put them in jeopardy with their customers and the law.

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  1. What is Privacy By Design and how to build it into my product development cycle?
  2. Where do I start in drafting a comprehensive privacy policy for my App? What are the key questions I need to ask and how do I scope the project?
  3. What do I (and my customers) need to know about the services I share data with? i.e. Analytics, advertising networks, etc.
  4. Are there better ways to explain my privacy policy to consumers than 10 pages of single-spaced legalese in a 10 point font?
  5. How do I avoid being the next Path?



Mark Blafkin, Executive Director, Innovators Network

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