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Web Design for Fun and Non-Profits

With the birth of the Internet, non-profits no have the power to reach a wider audience for less money than they could have dreamed of through older media types. But, even though a web site can be more effective, yet cost less than a national TV commercial spot, most non-profits still struggle to create cutting edge design and high impact web communication strategies.
Will the "Greater Good" triumph over the almighty dollar? Or do non-profits expect to get a Ferrarri for the price of a Yugo?
While it's easy to expect that it all comes down to the price tag, the frustrations and challenges run far deeper. In this session, two creative directors from different sides of the tracks will debate the in’s and out’s of applying design concepts to the non-profit sector and share how communications professionals can better plan Web communications strategies for these organizations.

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Jason Teague, Director of User Experience, Forum One Communications

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