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SXSW Interactive 2013

Building Next-Generation Marketing Agencies

In the coming years, the marketing-services industry will be transformed. Established firms that are unable or unwilling to evolve will fade, and a new category of disruptive agencies will rise. These emerging agencies are tech savvy, offer integrated services, hire and retain versatile talent, and profit from diversified revenue streams. They thrive on change, and continually apply shifts and advances in technology to strengthen their businesses.
Moderated by Paul Roetzer, author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint, this panel will discuss the evolution of agencies. The session will feature insights from some of the industry’s top minds, addressing timely topics such as: integrated services, the impact of social business principles, performance metrics, revenue streams and profitability, agency-to-agency collaboration, the talent gap, alternative pricing models, and the affect of technology change velocity on client services, infrastructure and internal processes.

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  1. What factors are driving the marketing agency transformation?
  2. What marketing services are in highest demand, and how can agencies capitalize on these opportunities?
  3. What processes, systems, technologies and talents are needed for agencies to succeed?
  4. Are alternate pricing models—such as value-based pricing—solid alternatives to billable hours?
  5. Are openness and collaboration essential to an evolving agency ecosystem?



Paul Roetzer, Founder & CEO, PR 20/20

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