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SXSW Music 2014

Art vs Craft - Original Music for Advertising

The music business has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, with income sources shifting and changing for both the novice artist as well as experienced acts. One such source that has evolved is the artist/writer composing music directly for brands through music companies, publishers, labels, or even direct to client.

We will be discussing how a writer/producer can break into the field of composing for ad music as well as the many facets of the job. Topics like - how to interpret a brief, what to expect with potential income from projects at the front end, as well as on the back end through performance rights and union payments, also what to expect with deadlines and turn-around time, along with discussing other strategies for creating tracks for the traditional 30 second spot.

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  1. What are some proven methods of getting involved with scoring commercials?
  2. What kind of deals/money should I expect as a writer/composer when I am working either directly with a client, or through a music company?
  3. What is a an example of a typical project I could be working on as a writer/composer for a brand sponsored spot or other media?
  4. What should I expect regarding back end payments for doing work for commercials and other media between performance rights and union payments?
  5. What are the pitfalls or concerns when it comes to getting into this arena and what are some ways to avoid them?



Jack Bradley, Partner, HiFi Project

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