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SXSW Interactive 2014

Moving Your Startup Up The Axis of Good

Are you doing good? Is your work meaningful?

No need to devote your startup’s entire mission to solving the world’s most pressing problems to make an impact in your community. The idea is simply to move up the “axis of good”, one idea at a time, no matter what “good” means to you and your team. Does it mean improving the life of your teammates, customers, suppliers, community or even your city? You choose.

Startups don’t carry heavy structures nor outdated cultures: they have the flexibility to reinvent what it means “to work”. They are increasingly becoming vehicles for good, making larger impacts than ever before. Some startups mobilize their employees to volunteer time, some embed powerful social good features in their mission (ie. Tom’s Shoes), some have inherently social missions (ie. Kiva, Charity Water). How are you giving back?

“Don’t be evil” was just the beginning. Let’s take it up a level and “be good”. This workshop will be four hours long.

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  1. How can startups move up on the “axis of good”?
  2. What is your startup/organization's strongest “do-gooding” potential?
  3. What actions can your startup take to move up on the “axis of good”?
  4. What are the most inspiring “do-gooding” practices of startups and organizations around the world?
  5. How can we help other startups/organizations to move up the axis of good?


  • LP Maurice, CEO & Co-founder, Busbud
  • Christine Renaud, CEO & Founder, E-180
  • Caithrin Rintoul, CEO & Co-Founder, Provender
  • Angelique Mannella, CEO & Founder, Decode Global


LP Maurice, CEO & Co-founder, Busbud

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  • Tags: startups
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Workshop
  • Track: Entrepreneurialism and Business
  • Level: Beginning
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