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Getting the Most out of Your Agile Vendor

Working with an agile/scrum shop is different from working with a shop with a traditional workflow. They aren't happy with just taking your requirements, disappearing for a few months, and delivering at the end. They want to collaborate with you at every step along the way. An agile/scrum team also demands a lot of your time, between scrum meetings, frequent demos, and planning activities. With so much overhead, how do you know you're getting good value for your money? How do you prepare to work with them so you don't waste money up front?
In this panel, we'll review what you should expect when working with an agile/scrum team, how to best prepare to maximize the usage of their time, and why agile teams choose to work the way they do.

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  1. Briefly: What is the agile/scrum shop workflow?
  2. How can I prepare to work with an agile/scrum shop?
  3. How can I plan for releases in agile/scrum?
  4. If I know what I want at the beginning, do I need to work in agile?
  5. How can I hire an agile/scrum shop?



Discovery Gerdes, Director of Project Management, Four Kitchens

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