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SXSW Interactive 2014

New Digital Frontiers in Financial Services

Financial service providers must meet the requirements of a new class revolutionized by the consumerization of tech--personalized service delivered anytime, anywhere, on any device—while meeting regulatory requirements and building hack-proof infrastructures. Adding to the challenge, the last years have been tumultuous for the industry. But tumult seeds innovation.

We bring together a big bank global head of mobile innovation, the lead for a disruptive technologies practice, and a financial insights global research director to explore the next frontier in consumer-focused digital change. We investigate creative new approaches to customer acquisition and the troves of newly available data inspiring the redesign of user experience.

Big banks have the influence, expertise and resources to deliver a radical rethink of what it means to protect and preserve wealth. We discuss the big bank R&D innovation pipeline for mobile and new opportunities to disrupt the system.

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  1. How are banks leveraging Big Data for new customer acquisition?
  2. What "secret weapons" are in the big bank mobile R&D pipeline?
  3. What are the security and privacy implications for mobile-generated consumer data?
  4. How are government regulations enabling or inhibiting consumer-focused innovation?
  5. What do innovations with mobile wallet mean for emerging markets and a general increase in financial literacy?



Michelle Erickson, Principal, Erickson Strategies

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  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Entrepreneurialism and Business
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