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Creating an Investor Pitch That Gets You Funded

You could create your own investor deck on the fly, but we don't recommend it. This session will teach you what you need to know to create a powerful pitch that moves investors -- containing everything you NEED to say to investors and nothing you don't. This session will show you how to hook investors by 1) telling a story everyone can relate to, 2) demonstrating clear evidence that you're solving a problem, 3) revealing a vision for what the world will look like when you've solved that problem. Then we'll go into depth on how to size your market opportunity, de-position the competition and explain how your company presents investors with an unfair advantage. Each attendee will leave this session with a concise outline that details every single page that an investor deck must have. The Team behind brings real-world experience with entrepreneurs and investors to show you the way to pitching success.

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  1. Why do winning pitches need to tell a great story? What are the characteristics of pitches that help get companies funded? What content does an investor pitch absolutely need to contain in order to be credible?
  2. How much time in my pitch should I dedicate to each area -- from telling the story of why the product/company/service exists to presenting the market opportunity to doing the demo to sharing my roadmap and financial forecast?
  3. What are credible sources for sizing the market opportunity? How do demonstrate to investors that my opportunity is large enough for them to care? How big an opportunity do I need to show investors?
  4. Most importantly, how do I "sell" investors on the idea that investing in my idea/company/product will create financial success for them?
  5. Do I have to use PowerPoint? Is there life beyond Keynote? What are the appropriate formats to use for pitching investors?



Deb Gabor, President, Sol Marketing

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