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SXSW Music 2014

Event Cinema taking rock 'n roll to the Big Screen

The event cinema business is a rapidly growing sector in theatrical exhibition. Rock concerts - live and recorded - are increasingly receiving global theatrical releases and being marketed as special events for one night only or limited engagements. For cinemas, this is a proving a great way to get better seat fills on non-peak screening slots and for the music industry it is both an exciting new marketing platform and an increasingly attractive revenue stream. IHS Screen Digest predicts that the event cinema market will be worth more than $1bn globally by 2015 and rock music is a vital part of this. This panel will look how the event cinema market got started, how it has been building and where it is going. It will look at what it means to musicians and the industry - financially and from a brand building and marketing perspective, It will look at the global market and and what territories are having the most success and the logistics of a global event cinema release.

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  1. What have been the key factors in creating the event cinema market and why is it growing?
  2. How to build a strategy around a concert event for a global theatrical release, working with artist, management, record company, concert promoter? The importance of social media channels and how to most effectively activate them as part of an overall campaign.
  3. What have been the big successes in music event cinema and what have been the key factors in contributing to that? Discussion around events such as: Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day, The Big 4, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Springsteen and I will form good examples for discussion and case studies.
  4. How do the commercial elements work and what can they mean to an artist and producer - and the links to album and other product sales? Looking at distribution strategies and routes to market, potential revenues by market, how to create the most effective timing of releases around other product releases that could benefit and how to create bundled ticket offerings.
  5. The logistics of a global live cinema event are complex - what are the costs, considerations and other aspects that can make a project succeed or fail? The various technical methods of distribution (satellite, fibre, hard disk etc), content security and encryption.



Grant Calton, Chief Executive Officer, Omniverse Vision Ltd

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