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SXSW Music 2014

International Commerce-A U.S. Label Imperative

International Commerce is now an imperative. It used to be that you went to radio/video and press and then sold metallic metal discs and life was easier. Now every label and artist must promote widely and create revenues from multiple sources via sales and streams to get a river of dollars, pennies and micro-pennies. This panel will delve deep into ways to increase revenues by looking abroad at the international marketplace. As the U.S. share of the International music marketplace has shrunk from 34% to 27% over the past seven years, per IFPI statistics, expanding your marketplace has become imperative to having a viable economic model to support your label and artists! A2IM and some of their independent music label members and government supporters will report on what they are doing to grow their businesses outside of the U.S. including a briefing on A2IM's recent trade mission initiatives

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  1. How important is it to a music label or artist to have an international business plan to have a viable overall business plan and career?
  2. How do I identify which overseas markets make sense to invest in as part of my International plan in terms of the appropriateness of my music for those markets and the level of access my music and artists can obtain?
  3. What types/levels of revenue streams are attainable, and what are the costs to access those revenues, including local market infrastructure costs, and what are the realistic cost and revenue expectations to include in a business plan for different overseas markets?
  4. How do I get started on creating an overall plan that makes sense and which is also cost effective that will result in both promotion of my label/career abroad as well as result in my starting to get a return on the overseas investment of my time and money?
  5. We will provide case studies from different labels, which are using different business approaches in terms of their overall approach and their market by market approach, on what they are doing to expand their businesses and artist's reach and careers overseas



Richard Bengloff, President, American Association of Independent Music ("A2IM")

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