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Begin at the End: Content Planning for Insights

If you're a social media marketer, you probably know how many likes, shares and comments you get from your content.

But do you know how you can sell more from that engagement? What products your customers want more...or less of? What new sales opportunities might exist?

This hands-on, two and a half hour long workshop will show you how to begin with the end in mind by connecting the 3 components of a social marketing strategy - content, engagement and data analysis - to provide actionable insights that deliver a real ROI for your marketing dollars.

Participants will receive a workbook with easy-to-use templates to help evolve towards "purposeful engagement", complete with metrics to look for, how to derive actionable insights from engagement data, available tools, and how to create content that draws insights from fans.

This workshop is for intermediate and advanced practitioners, social strategists, content marketers and data analysts. Please come prepared to share your challenges and participate!

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Mark Williams, Director, Social Strategy and Content Programming, LiveWorld

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