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Knock Knock, who's There? Fans, Fans Who?


5 years ago we were all hard working on our myspace page, a year later we had moved on to Facebook, a year after that Twitter. Are we still reaching our fans and connecting with them? Wouldn't it be awesome if we knew where our fans are coming from. Is it from the Instagram pic we posted, or a Youtube video, or was it our show last night? What are they listening to the most of? What does our average fan spend? What are they buying? If we knew the answers to these we could have more of a targeted approach to how bands and artists can reach and connect with their fans on a higher level.

What tools are out there that we don't know about yet or aren't using? How can we utilize these tools to really target and build our fanbase? The main goal of the artists is to build listeners and brand awareness. There are many tools that are flying under the radar that can do this in a much bigger way then by just posting on FB or tweeting. We will explain the newer undiscovered tools.

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  1. Finding the right tools that can help you learn metadata on your fans. There are new platforms out there like Artist Data and Jammer that target fans. You can learn where they are from, what they are buying, what they are sharing and what they are saying about you. Tools like this can help you do some real branded marketing and outreach.
  2. Now more than ever having a presence on YourTube is important. Bands and artists that have been around for years without a video presence online are missing an important market. Its necessary for people to see how you perform live. YouTube provides a a revenue stream.
  3. When musicians go on tour are they taking complete advantage of all the resources out there. Just being in a schedule or or doing a post or tweet isn't enough. Resources like Bandsintown and Fanbridge some of these platforms have the reach into the millions, how can the touring artist utilize this?
  4. Kickstarter or Pledge Music is a great way to get crowd source funding and new fans. Being creative and really taking advantage of the eyes that will see your campaign is key, but a lot goes into successful crowdfunding. What are the tips that can really help you excel and make your goal and fans?
  5. Live Streaming your concerts. This can provide a great revenue stream and reach new fans while on a personal level interacting with them. Platforms like and Evntlive and Ustream allow you to have the ability to schedule a concert at anytime you like and do meet and greet with online fans, charge ticket prices and play from anywhere, even in your tour van or hotel room. It's also creates new awareness from fans that are perusing looking for new music .



Allison Shaw, CEO, Manic Monkee MGMT and Brand Development

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