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SXSW Music 2014

Build Your Business In The UK

Everything you need to know about building a band or artist in the UK. The panel will provide practical ideas, advice, real-life case-studies and shared experiences to help you develop your business.

Success in the UK can break your act in worldwide - it's one of the most influential, creative and fast-changing musical environments in the world.

This session will give you an insight into the idiosyncrasies of the UK and how acts like Calvin Harris, Adele, The XX, Alt-J, Mumford and Sons, One Direction and Ellie Goulding built their careers in the UK before going global.

Experienced music professionals will share case studies of what previously successful acts have done and how they’ve achieved what they have.

The panel will be interactive – we’ll encourage participation and questions from the room to make sure the discussion is relevant and the ideas generated are as practical as possible.

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  1. What makes the UK market so different and how can you avoid mistakes others have made when promoting a band outside their home country? What worked in these professionals' experience?
  2. Who are the gatekeepers you need to win over (radio stations, blogs, venues, people, magazines and websites)? Who are the tastemakers?
  3. What are the first steps to take when exporting an artist or band to the UK. How can you start building their profile in another country?
  4. How do I maximise my impact and PR/marketing return?
  5. What companies/partners are available for artists to work with in the UK/Europe? How can you identify the best ones? We’ll look at labels, promoters, agencies, funding sources and other possibilities.



Jules Parker, Owner/CEO, Polaroid Management

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