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SXSW Interactive 2013

Find Your Princess Cake: A Slice of Content ROI

For years, the major baking brands all optimized their content to rank high for the most frequently searched term: “Chocolate cake.” But the real opportunity lay in optimizing for a term that was “own-able”…like princess cake. Building the right content measurement system can help brands find their “princess cake.” This is what happens when brands move beyond “activity metrics” and develop “value metrics” that show how to calibrate and optimize their content marketing strategy.
Panelists, Kathy Baughman (ComBlu), George Palatine (Allstate), Ekaterina Walter (Intel) and Rishi Dave (Dell) will share the innovative ways they are approaching content ROI. They will share tips for:
• Developing content KPIs
• Determining which content contributes to sales and which is a drag on performance
• Building a meaningful content dashboard

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  1. How do I move from activity metrics to value metrics?
  2. How do I use content metrics to help calibrate my content marketing program?
  3. How do I know which content is working to drive content marketing performance?
  4. Can I weight various metrics as I look at the interplay of multiple inputs?
  5. How can I organize metrics from various sources so they make sense and tell me a story?


  • Kathy Baughman, President & Co-founder, ComBlu
  • George Palatine, Senior Manager, eBusiness, Allstate
  • Ekaterina Walter, Sr. Social Media Strategist, Intel


Peter Duckler, Senior Consultant, ComBlu

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