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Avoid Being a Social Zombie in a Global World

From Dubai to Mumbai to Zürich, companies report that zombie communities abound. Who knew? Just as there are similarities globally for social, global nuances are also emerging.

In the real world we all know that culture is critical to business success. The same is true in the social world. A kiss on the cheek, a bow and a hand shake must be done in the social world or your company will become a Social Zombie.

For example, did you know that Brazil outpaces the world in video uploads? This impacts your strategy. Middle Eastern countries prefer Tweets making the style of social engagement critical.

Social zombie slayers, GlobalWebIndex CEO, Tom Smith, and best-selling author, Sandy Carter, will share global social facts and strategies to help you drive business.

See real successes from McDonalds South Africa, Danone, Chilean Red Cross, CEMEX, Asian Paints and Lowe’s.

You’ll leave with tools, use cases, styles and approaches needed to conquer B2B marketing in a global world.

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  1. Is your business socially alive or are you the blogging dead? From Argentina to India, what countries are leading in social categories and how has it impacted the way they do business?
  2. Kiss on the cheek, bowing, and hand shakes… Culture is critical to social success. Are you aware of the cultural implications of social around the world? What are the dos and don’ts of social by geography?
  3. Facebook vs. Twitter, Instagram vs. Pinterest, Vine vs. YouTube, to blog or not to blog… What are the right social mediums for your audience and when should you NOT use them?
  4. My boss wants me to tweet and reach out to global clients? Social media updates, not just for lunch breaks anymore. The differences between being socially internal and socially external. Who is leading in driving social in a business context? The answer will surprise you.
  5. Did you know that Germany leads in embedding social for innovation? Did you know that social startups are the fastest growing in the Middle East? What are top use cases that are driving ROI and transforming companies around the globe?



Rebecca Michel, Project Manager, IBM Corporation

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