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SXSW Interactive 2014

Pitch for the Win: Advice for Startups

Whether you’re vying for a top spot at TechStars or trying to land an angel investor, communicating your idea effectively is critical to success--and it’s harder than ever for your story to stand out.

This session will bring together the unique perspectives of a seasoned venture capitalist (Greg Gottesman, managing director of Madrona Venture Group) and a tech entrepreneur (Adam Tratt, co-founder and CEO of Haiku Deck).

Greg has heard thousands of pitches; Adam has given them. Greg decides which startups get funding; Adam has cleared several funding milestones. Adam is a graduate of TechStars; Greg has served as a judge and a mentor. Adam has studied best practices in presentation design to build Haiku Deck, and Greg has seen it all--good, bad, and ugly--in conference rooms and competitions.

Both bring humor, passion, and a wealth of first-hand experience to the table. You’ll come away with practical tips and powerful inspiration to craft your winning pitch.

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  1. What are the critical elements you need to have in place before you pitch?
  2. How do you stand out from the raft of startups pitching for money from angels and VCs?
  3. What are some common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid?
  4. How do you make a killer pitch deck?
  5. If your story isn’t resonating, how do you know what to change?



Erika Shaffer, Director, Madrona Venture Group

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  • Tags: venture capital
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Dual
  • Track: Entrepreneurialism and Business
  • Level: Intermediate
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