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SXSW Music 2014

Museum Music: Art Galleries as Performance Space

Since 2011, the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin has hosted SoundSpace, an innovative and critically-acclaimed music series that features simultaneous performances of contemporary classical, jazz, rock, pop, and performance art, all within the gallery spaces of the museum. These juxtapositions of contemporary art and contemporary music have resonated with audiences and critics alike, even in a city as saturated with live music venues as Austin. This panel presents SoundSpace as a case study of the larger phenomenon of the convergence of museum spaces and concert spaces, and asks how musicians can think more creatively about incorporating gallery spaces into strategies for communicating with new audiences. The exploding popularity of museum performances—as seen, for instance, in Kraftwerk's residency at MOMA, or in Jay-Z's performance at Pace—demonstrates an underserved opportunity to connect visual and sound art. We will discuss strategies for making those collaborations happen.

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  1. How can we market contemporary avant-garde music to new audiences and in new locations?
  2. What does the increased popularity of large-scale musical events taking place in contemporary art galleries teach us about how to stage and market concerts in nontraditional venues?
  3. How can musicians make creative connections and business connections to the rapidly growing market for contemporary art?
  4. How does the venue in which music is performed shape audiences' reactions during concerts?
  5. Why are audiences who might otherwise resist "difficult" contemporary classical, jazz, rock, and electronic music more willing to approach those forms when the context in which the performance takes place is changed?



Adam Bennett, Manager of Public Programs, Blanton Museum of Art

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