SXSW Interactive 2014

Socialytics Bootcamp! Social + Big Data + Analytics

Social is changing and evolving. In fact, social has been lonely without data and analytics.

Today’s hottest Social trends are around Socialytics which combine Social + Big Data + Analytics and can help whip your business into bootcamp shape.

Socialytics are essential to B2B and B2C companies! Like cardio balances weights in a workout, Socialytics teach you to have a balanced view of the elements and deep dives into Top 5 Trends driving business outcomes:
-Why trust and influence are paramount
-Velocity created by combining predictive capabilities and ideation
-How Social is the new production line
-The importance of social leadership for transformation
-Using social data to create personal marketing experiences

Bootcamp trainers, Lowe's Vice President, Clarissa Felts, and best-selling author, Sandy Carter, will share examples and proven best practices to whip your social muscles into shape.

Don’t be a social slug! Join our Socialytics Bootcamp and get socially fit.

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  1. Like me. Add me. Follow me. Trust me? Does size matter? Does having a million followers make you an expert or just a noise in the socialsphere?
  2. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Is your approach to reaching customers as arbitrary as “tag, you’re it!” or are you optimizing social data to target each customer?
  3. Are you a loner or do you play well with others? What’s in your social sandbox? Are you using predictive capabilities and crowd sourcing to collaborate and innovate with employees and customers?
  4. You've heard the sayings like "40 is the new 30," and "Brown is the new Black." Well, "Social is the new production line!" How can you make sure you have embedded social into all of your business processes? How can you create a community of brand advocates to drive your marketing?
  5. Lead, follow or collaborate. How great leaders use social, both internally and externally, to drive change, innovation and loyalty. Are you a social leader? Take the Social Leadership Test and find out.



Megan Mennonna, Project Support, IBM Corporation

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