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How Subscription VOD Changed the Distribution Game

With the rise of Netflix and Spotify, ours has become a culture of access rather than ownership. We used to proudly display bookshelves filled with DVDs and CDs when our physical collections represented our own idiosyncratic selves. Now, with the death of CDs and the decline of DVDs, access trumps all. For $.33 per day, consumers get all you can eat subscriptions to thousands of movies (and millions of songs). What does this say about the future of transactional VOD? What revenue models does this spell for content owners? And will people under 30 ever buy a movie again?
Sundance Institute staffer Chris Horton moderates this important panel with a surprise lineup of leading industry experts. The event will feature perspectives from subscription VOD platforms, film sales agents, TV networks, and content aggregators.




Chris Horton, #ArtistServices, Sundance Institute

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