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SXSW Interactive 2014

Brazil: Come to the Streets, the Giant Awoke

FIFA World Cup and Summer Olympics will take place in Brazil within the next two years, which is an opportunity for brands and social media to play a key role. However, instead of excitement, we’ve seen protests on Facebook and Twitter that millions of people have gathered to the streets against the billions of dollars the government is spending on these two events while the country’s health and education structures suffer with lack of investments.
In an unexpected situation, FIAT's new jingle "Vem pra rua (Come to the streets)" and Johnnie Walker's tag line "O Gigante acordou (The giant awoke)" were used as hashstags on Twitter and sung during the manifestations on the streets.
All marketers want to have their campaigns go viral. But what should they do when something like this happens?

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  1. How should brands deal with these protests?
  2. Is there a way to control or monitor these situations?
  3. Is it positive for your brand?
  4. Why are brands pulling the plug on campaigns during situations like these?
  5. What should the brands expect and act in the following months until the World Cup and Olympics?


  • Marcelo Sant'Iago, VP Business Development, Latin America, SapientNitro


Marcelo Sant'Iago, VP Business Development, Latin America, SapientNitro

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  • Track: Social and Relationships
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