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SXSW Interactive 2014

Bringing Life to Services

Sometimes it’s difficult to describe the details of designing an intangible service. By borrowing and transferring known methods of brand identities, we give services living characteristics. The service takes on a life of its own and evolves in a consistent and mature way, while carrying on emotional values throughout generations.
To start designing for a service, we must first understand it as an authentic and believable character. The service comes alive and we are able to connect it to humans, much like developing a meaningful relationship.
To design a living service, we have to look at where it has been and what it has achieved. Embracing the history, the society, the surrounding, has allowed humans to make progress. The same applies when designing a service.
Services carry emotional values, and these values are carried through generations. Much like how humans remember childhood emotions as adults, these long flowing streams of emotions are the foundation of services.

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  1. How to identify services as a human characteristic?
  2. What are the human experience patterns and society influences that can be applied to a service?
  3. How is a service guideline or framework a living system?
  4. How does a service interact with external actors, and integrate with changing environments? How does it react to all the variables?
  5. How can we apply “living services” to real life design situations?


  • Matthias Dittrich, Interaction Designer, frog
  • Cathy Wang, Senior Interaction Designer, frog


Sabrina Sandalo, Marketing Associate, frog

Meta Information:

  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Dual
  • Track: Design and Development
  • Track 2
  • Level: Advanced
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