SXSW Interactive 2014

Dismantling the Social Media F-Bomb


Social media is an unpredictable medium that's never completely under our control (no matter how polished our presence or savvy our skills.) Words get misspelled, humor falls flat, influencers fail to be influential and platforms change overnight. For companies and individuals alike, it can cause a lot of "concern," "trepidation," and "frustration"....all code words for the f-word no one ever wants to say out loud -- "fear." It's time to dismantle this f-bomb and call out the elephant in the room that has derailed the social strategies of companies large and small. Learn why companies are often afraid of social media, what they are afraid of, (top contenders: sounding dumb or making a mistake publicly) why it's a natural (and sometimes warranted) response and what you can do to manage it when it crops up in your company or client.

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  1. What are the qualities of social media that cause the most fear within companies and how do you gracefully and effectively address those fears without becoming too touchy-feely, confrontational or alarmist?
  2. How do you decode conversations and plans developed internally (or with agency partners) to identify ineffective, fear-based reactions or strategies for social media that may be counterproductive or lead to even more fear within your company?
  3. How do you train your front line social media teams/community managers to become more comfortable working in a medium that is inherently disruptive and difficult to control?
  4. How do you sell the value of a medium that is inherently disruptive and difficult to control to your senior management and counsel them on becoming more comfortable using iterative, fluid, and unpredictable marketing and communications tools and platforms?
  5. How do you harness the fear that comes naturally when you’re not completely in control of the conversations you're having with your clients/customers and use that fear to your advantage?



Jennifer Kane, Digital Communications Consultant, Kane Consulting

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