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How To Book Your Next Audition

This hands-on workshop setting will allow participants to work individually with top Casting Directors on their audition technique.
Participants will prepare their own material and will have ten minutes with a Casting Director to perform and receive feedback on their "audition".
Casting Directors will address Headshot and resumes as well as performance and give substantive feedback and/ or re-direction in order to best prepare you for your next real-life audition.
Material must be no longer than two minutes, either a monologue or a scene. If bringing a scene, please bring an extra copy of the sides for the Casting Director and your headshot and resume.
Bringing your own material ensures you can be as prepared as possible for this audition technique master class.It also allows the Casting Director to see how you would cast yourself and give you personal advice.
This is your opportunity to work out with some of the best Casting Directors that you might otherwise not have access to.

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  1. Contact Information: What can I do to get into your room? How do I best approach you? How do I get on a Casting Director's radar? Should I include content I have created myself on my reel? How can I use my social media platforms effectively to book jobs? Does it matter how many Twitter followers I have or what my imdb Starmeter is? Because you will have ten minutes individually with this Casting Director you will be receiving personal, individualized feedback.
  2. Audition Preparation: How can I best prepare for an audition?What is your number one tip for preparing for auditions? How can I improve my performance? Because you will be performing a piece you have prepared you will receive tips specifically designed to help you make the best choices in your next audition.
  3. Type: What is my primary type? How do I identify Casting Directors who are casting my type? How do I nail those roles?
  4. Pet Peeves: What's your no.1 pet peeve? What should I avoid doing?
  5. Location: With film production taking place internationally and online submissions becoming so common, where do you see the future of casting for actors? Do I need to live in LA or New York? What are the hottest regions for casting right now?



Rochelle Rose, National Director of Actors Programs, Screen Actors Guild Foundation

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