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SXSW Music 2014

Altruism In Music

Altruism & Music: can they co-exist and be profitable or do we have to give it away for free? Is it possible to make a living in the music business with a charitable or not for profit focus? Is it okay to make money when working for a cause? Should we give our time and work for free? Hear music professionals with diverse projects benefitting the welfare of others discuss how they do it, the obstacles they’ve encountered, the successes they’ve had, what they have in mind for the future.

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  1. As a venue owner or presenter, what are some pros & cons I could expect for my business when backing a social cause?
  2. How can I get my local community involved and supportive of the social cause my business has decided to promote? Or do I really need greater community involvement (maybe my cause is only for the person on the receiving end)?
  3. As an artist, can I make a living doing not for profit work?
  4. Should I keep my project grassroots or go for the money?
  5. How does a business decide what social cause they want to support?



Laura Thomas, Booking Agent, ComboPlate Booking

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