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SXSW Interactive 2014

Unearthing the Atari Graveyard: The Search for ET

In May 2013, creative studio and game developer Fuel Entertainment was officially granted permission to excavate within a 100-acre landfill in the Alamogordo, New Mexico desert. The goal? Search for the fabled Atari E.T. Graveyard - the alleged 1983 dump site of the mother lode of video game overstocks. Along with this, they will document the process, the discovery, and the history of one of gaming's first major blunders.
In this presentation, join Fuel and the exciting soon-to-be-announced production partners involved in the dig (currently scheduled to occur within the next few months) to discuss the results, the experience, the motivations, and the mishaps of looking for the 'El Dorado' of video game culture.

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  1. What exactly were the intentions and motivations of the project? Why are people so intrigued by this notion that Atari buried its unsold copies of E.T. in the desert?
  2. What can audiences expect in the upcoming documentary film? (the film will likely still be in post-production at the time of SXSW)
  3. Media everywhere, from gaming blogs, to the evening news, got in touch to find out more once Fuel's intentions were made public. What is it about this project and myth in particular that you think resonates across so many different interest groups?
  4. Ok, so what exactly did you find, and what happened during the dig?
  5. What do you plan to do with what you find?



Nick Iannitti, Dir. of Communications, Fuel Entertainment

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