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Building A Social Media “Duck” Dynasty

A&E’s massive hit Duck Dynasty built a legacy that extends beyond the on-air broadcast, creating a pop culture phenomenon & Facebook’s #1 most talked about show in 2012. Duck Dynasty’s increasingly growing empire continues to dominate the social space spanning multiple platforms, creating unprecedented amounts of engagement & an authentic real-time social TV experience. Reporters from Ad Age to the NY Times to OMG! Insider have provided a snapshot of the brains behind Duck Dynasty, but now you’ll get the full rundown from one of the most successful teams in the business! You’ll learn about the social media strategy of Duck Dynasty, including the social war room & first-ever virtual Twitter game. Season 3 kicked off with over 158 million impressions, surpassing fan-favorites American Idol, Dancing with the Stars & the NBA. A dozen hashtags trended globally and at a high, 9,400 tweets per minute were sent, helping to land Duck Dynasty as cable’s #1 non-fiction show in 2013. Quack on!

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Elizabeth Lloyd, Specialist, Fan Engagement and Social Media, A&E Network

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