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SXSW Interactive 2014

A Funny Taboo: The Art of ROFL! for Business Women

It’s been proven (2011 psychology study) that men are funnier than women. Women are also less likely to use humor in the work place, and (yet another study) men are not attracted to funny women.
Till now, the message has been: women are humor appreciators not humor creators.
But with a growing number of women in comedy AND in business more ladies are using humor in their brands.
So if you are a woman, run your own business and have a sense of humor (which is pretty essential) should you unleash it to see if people ROFL in the aisles? Will it win you customers or undermine your credibility?
This presentation looks at the fear of using humor in your business and how to overcome it.
You’ll see how different women use degrees of humor (from mild to taboo) to market what they do. Some draw on backgrounds in stand-up to attract customers while others use humor to defeat criticism and PR crises.
And you’ll leave with a range of ideas for introducing humor into your own business.

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  1. Why are women so afraid of using humor in their business?
  2. How far is too far? Are there any topics that women should never joke about?
  3. Does humor make it easier to handle uncomfortable topics such as dealing with public criticism of a company?
  4. Are funny women taken less seriously in business? Does using humor undermine credibility?
  5. How are women today using humor successfully to market their businesses?



Amy Harrison, Owner, Harrisonamy Copywriting

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