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SXSW Interactive 2014

Social Identity - Public, Personal and Private

As you use more social networking sites, your social identity becomes a blend of publicly shared and personal information.
Based on the upcoming book, see firsthand how innocuous things you share can be used to gain access to your private data and learn tricks to block those attempts.

We will explore the different levels of information and how to segregate the data. Learn techniques to isolate your private banking, credit card and health information, while still feeling comfortable sharing on public and personal sites.

By splitting how you participate in the online world of social networks, communities and even online finance you build a virtual wall.

We will also discuss the creation of a private and also a fake persona to help strengthen the barrier of your private identity and prevent identity theft.

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  1. What are the three levels of identity management and how do they overlap and what should be split into a segregated area?
  2. What is a virtual persona and what should be included in that information?
  3. How do I isolate specific information to provide better security for my banking, finance and credit cards?
  4. Do email accounts help define my social identity and how do I define alias accounts?
  5. How are sites like Facebook providing hackers with too much personal identifying information and do fake personas help?



Chris Miller, Founder, Spiked Studios LLC

Meta Information:

  • Tags: privacy
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: Privacy and Security
  • Level: Intermediate
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