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SXSW Music 2014

The Power of Digital Communities

Music professionals have long struggled to transcend regional market boundaries. In a global digital world, what strategies can professionals leverage to reach people that are most likely to become fans regardless of geography?

When seeking new listeners, we're limited by our social circles and geographic reach. In a world of unlimited content, targeted, meaningful discovery remains a constant challenge. Digital content platforms make sharing easier, but language, cultural and geographic barriers limit exposure. Also, a myriad of socially integrated, multimedia platforms vie for people’s attention making it challenging to engage listeners and cultivate fans.

The most effective way to grow an engaged, international fan base is to inspire meaningful connections by tapping into digital communities formed around common interests that actively curate niche, crowd-sourced content. These communities keep fans passionate and engaged by promoting active listening and forming social bonds.

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  1. How has globalization and digital platforms changed music discovery?
  2. How does geographic, cultural, and language barriers hinder music discovery and distribution?
  3. How do you break artists internationally and what strategies do you leverage to engage new and existing fans?
  4. How do you build sustainable engaged fan communities online?
  5. How does crowd-sourced content work and improve music discovery?



Alex Reinlieb, Founder, Plug.dj

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