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SXSW Interactive 2014

Brands as Publishers: The Future of Media?

One of the biggest changes in the media industry in the last two years is the rise of brands as publishers. From social media to native advertising, brands are creating content like videos, articles, posts, and photo streams, becoming publishers instead of just advertisers. But what does it mean if the brands control content? Has the ‘Chinese wall’ in publishing finally been breached for good, and how will traditional media companies manage this new world where advertising and content have become intricately mingled? And how can brands manage this shift from advertiser to content creators at scale – creating, responding to, and analyzing millions of posts across dozens of social and media sites?


-Jordan Slabaugh, Director of Social at Spredfast
-Natanya Anderson, Director of Social at Whole Foods
-Jodi Gersh, Director of Social Media at Gannett
-Michael Brito, Senior Vice President, Social Business Strategy at Edelman

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  1. Is the trend toward branded content lasting or just a flash-in-the-pan?
  2. Can brands achieve advertising and marketing goals through branded content, or do traditional ads still work better?
  3. What does the disintegration of the ‘Chinese wall’ in publishing mean for readers, media companies, and advertisers?
  4. Can brands really create content consumers want to view, read, and interact with? Or will their marketing agenda always diminish the value of their content?
  5. How can brands achieve success at creating, distributing, and measuring branded content?


  • Jordan Slabaugh, Director of Social , Spredfast


Jordan Slabaugh, Director of Social , Spredfast

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