SXSW Interactive 2014

Sexy/Unsexy: Your Social Strategy’s Brand Persona

So your brand is sexy. You have oodles of passionate brand enthusiasts. Your customers are out there talking up your brand; all you have to do is marshal them and amplify their voices—social is a no brainer, right? What if your brand isn’t sexy? You’re a B2B technology brand, a durable goods manufacturer or a bank? How do you use social media to drive the same outcomes? The truth is that all glamorous brands don’t necessarily enjoy social media success. Some, in fact, have enjoyed a whole lot of the opposite. Missing a solid communications strategy behind their social media efforts, Netflix stepped into a social media hurricane not too long ago when changing their pricing. The lesson—no matter how sexy your brand, social media won’t work for you if you don’t employ best practices. By the same token, just because your brand attributes don’t embody things like passion and glamour doesn’t mean social can’t work for you in a big way.

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  1. What fundamental social media strategies must all brands have in place regardless of your brand persona?
  2. What are the specific advantages—and challenges—for well-known, sexy brands when it comes to social strategy?
  3. What are the specific advantages—and challenges—for value-driven brands?
  4. What social media strategies and tactics have “sexy” brands deployed and what have they returned?
  5. What social media strategies and tactics have pragmatic brands developed and what have they returned?



Bryan Person, Director of Customer Success, Lithium Technologies

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