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SXSW Music 2014

The New Success

It’s commonly accepted that the music industry has experienced an enormous shift over the past decade and a half – and continues to change at a rapid pace given the proliferation of streaming content, high mobile device penetration, social sharing, the app economy, and more. What’s less clear is what this means for the artist in the digital age, and how to define the new metrics for success; long gone are the days when you could guarantee a hit with an appearance on Letterman and a glowing review in Rolling Stone. With participants from Spotify and the artist community, this panel will examine some of the new ways the music industry and artists are gauging success other than album sales and charts. Panelists will also discuss the new tactics artists can leverage to stay top-of-mind with music fans, including social activations, data mining, micro-targeting, discovery tools and creative uses of digital marketing, as well as some of the more traditional tactics that work

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  1. What does success look like for artists, both big and small, in the digital economy?
  2. How has the revenue mix changed in the digital era and how can artists maximize given those changes?
  3. How important are unit sales, streams, ticket sales, merchandising, marketing deals – and how are artists prioritizing?
  4. How do streaming services help artists find an audience?
  5. How can artists use data and micro-targeting to find new fans, and how is streaming data helping to inform other areas of their business (radio, tour, next single)?



Graham James, Head of Communications, Spotify

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