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SXSW Interactive 2014

Innovation in Big-Time College Football

What does it take to compete at the highest levels of college football? What if your program is out-muscled financially and reputationally? What innovative schematic, cultural and organizational advantages could you create? And, finally, what if you were asked to do all this as a first-time head coach at age 34? This enlightening one-on-one interview will go deep with one of the brashest and boldest young leaders in sports about how to tackle these challenges.

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  1. When you were the quarterback at Texas Tech playing for a new first-time head coach, Mike Leach, what made the "Air Raid" offensive system so effective?
  2. When Texas A&M -- where you were an assistant -- made the leap from the Big 12 to the SEC, how did the coaching staff approach the challenge of competing against defensive talent that was an order of magnitude tougher than what you were used to?
  3. When you arrived at Texas Tech, what were your top three immediate priorities and how did you think through your approach to running your own program?
  4. Throughout recent college football history, we have seen teams with "lesser talent" out-perform titans in the sport. How much can success in college football be ascribed to a "system" rather than "talent?" And what are the prerequisites for each?
  5. Take the audience through the most essential formation in your playbook -- "Four Verticals." Why it is so astonishingly effective?



Dan Shanoff, Director of Audience Development, USA TODAY Sports

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