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Crowdfund a Simple Idea to the Silver Screen

Take a look into crowdfunding with John Trigonis, Indiegogo’s Film, Web & Video Manager, and Author of 'Crowdfunding for Filmmakers: The Way to a Successful Film Campaign,' to learn how it is a great option for up-and-coming filmmakers and not just A-list movie stars. Trigonis will discuss how he helps hundreds of industry professionals use Indiegogo to open doors to creating the film they have always wanted to make without the hassle of taking out loans or maxing out credit cards. With new campaigns launched on the platform daily, John will use the latest and hottest film campaigns on the platform as examples to showcase how future filmmakers can successfully crowdfund an upcoming project. This includes how campaigns have offered quirky perks – like roles in movies- to engage fans and fund their films.

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Rose Levy, Vice President, Goldin Solutions

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