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SXSW Interactive 2014

How To Get 100 Countries Under Your Travel Belt

Circumnavigating the globe sounds exclusive to Magellan – but it’s shameful to think that type of go-anywhere travel isn’t accessible to everyone in the year 2014. What’s keeping you from traveling to the destinations of your dreams?
Join Lee Abbamonte - former investment banker, now self-made travel personality and the youngest American to visit every country in the world – along with the travel pros from the TripIt team and other jetsetters for a fun-filled hour of sharing travel stories. Come exchange tips on the best global destinations, experiential activities, insider/local tips, and *of course* apps and tech gear to take your travels to the next, super-savvy level.
Whether you want to learn how to game travel loyalty programs or take pro-status photos, you’ll leave with an inspired plan for a truly memorable next travel experience – one that will make everyone in your social spheres seriously jealous.

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  1. How can you travel to any country in the world? Or want to travel somewhere off the beaten path? Lee is the youngest American to visit to every country in the world and will share learnings and advice, including tips from his most recent trip to the South Pole!
  2. What are the best apps, gear and gadgets to use when you’re on the road for leisure and/or business travel? Exchange tips with other jetsetters and road warriors and learn how you can make your travels more comfortable and less stressful.
  3. New to (frequent) travel? Lee and the points-obsessed TripIt team can share their secrets on how to best earn and use loyalty program points for seriously memorable and jaw-droppingly affordable luxury travel. Think business class seats and four-star hotels across the globe!
  4. What are the best ways to edit and share your travel photos? Get tips on the best composition when shooting with a less-than-ideal camera, discover new ways to edit smartphone photos with a few swipes of an app, and the best ways to tell the visual story of your travel adventures.
  5. Where should you travel next? We assure you that you’ll leave this meet up with a plethora of destinations to add to your bucket list – and all the tips and insight to tackle them like a local.



Linda Bao, PR & Social Media Manager, TripIt

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